Thursday, June 17, 2010

Exam Secrets

As I publish alternatives to multiple choice exams, I have been sharing student samples via I have no reservations in showing my students last year's final projects.

Would teachers who give multiple choice tests be so willing to share their multiple choice exams?

If an exam must remain a secret, what does that say about the exam itself?

Yet, sharing my language arts and science alternatives with students poses no threat to their learning or my assessment.


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  1. I have no problem sharing my multiple choice tests. Although I have a bank of tests, I make sure that the bank continues to grow by creating new tests every year based on the focus that I have had during the unit and the year. I usually distribute old exams if that is going to be the format of the assessment so that the students may use them as reviews that are covered in class.

    But I wouldn't place a significant amount of weight on a multiple choice exam alone, most should have a written component that has a directed piece and a choice piece. In the overall set up of the year your class assignments, projects and other forms of assessment should carry more weight than you exams, at most 15% of the total year.


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