Monday, March 29, 2010

Google Reader

I was talking to a good friend of mine the other day, and we got to talking about blogs. He told me that he reads about 3 different blogs on a regular basis. I told him that I had about 35.

We were both shocked. He couldn't figure out how I kept track of so many sources, and I couldn't figure out how he didn't have more sources to pull from.

In the end, I explained that I don't read everything that I subscribe to, but he had to admit that he had to artificially limit his number to 3 in order to keep his sources managable. The difference between us was that I had a filter and he didn't.

The filter I use is Google Reader.

I shared with him how Google Reader helps me to manage my time with so many blogs. Rather than having to go to each blog to read the information, Google Reader allows me to subscribe via RSS feed and then all my blogs come to me in one place.

I always told myself that I would keep my number of blog subscriptions to a minimum, but it turns out that there are so many different sources of information that I want to be privy to that I need Google Reader to help streamline all my sources.

I have the Mobile RSS app on my iPhone too, and it rocks. I keep informed without wasting much of my time actually navigating to and from sources.

Needless to say, he now uses Google Reader and subscribes to more than 3 blogs.


  1. I'm a technology specialist in a K-5 elementary school, and I came across your post about detoxing from grades on Twitter this morning. Several elementary schools in my district are interested in moving away from grades, so I am enjoying reading about your journey on this radical path. It's nice to know that others are paving the way!

    I clicked back on your home page to learn more about you and saw this new post about Google Reader. Coincidentally, I'm leading staff development sessions with teachers today to help them set up Google Reader accounts, so I was interested to read your new post. Just wanted to tell you that I have now subscribed to you! Thanks for your great posts.

  2. Enjoyed your post summarizing your work on grading and added to a post of mine

    Thanks for the depth of your ideas. FYI I just added you to my reader too :-)

  3. Sometimes we take for granted that everyone knows what we know. I know a lot of people who don't know about RSS feeders. Instead, they still actually go to all of their reading sites, regardless of whether there is something new to read.

    Things like Google Reader can really save time!

  4. Great post! I've been trying to get teachers in the Catholic schools in my city to start using Google Reader, but haven't had much luck. I'll keep at it, though.

    Like you, Joe, I subscribe to quite a few blogs and have found Instapaper a great way to help me set aside articles I want to read more deeply when I have more time. Once or twice a day I scan through Google Reader, and when I find something I want to take my time with I use the Instapaper bookmarklet to save it for later. It's really helped me avoid using the "Mark All as Read" button when my Reader gets too full.

  5. Similar to you, I've found using a reader app is a necessary component of my blogging experience. In my case, I track more than 75 blogs - +1, now that I've found yours! ;) However, what about a critical lens on Google's Reader? Do you think Google's operating policies contradict the educational positionalities you value?


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