Engaging Activities

Here is a collection of links that can be used to work with and engage students in ways that helps them make positive changes and/or informed choices in their lives.


Emotional Intelligence


Brain Rules

Suicide, Self-Harm and Hope

Rethinking Failure

Rethink School

Rethinking Thinking

Self Image

Stress Management and Anxiety

Self Worth

Fixed vs Growth Mindset

Grief and Loss


Healthy Eating



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  1. Hi Joe ... I appreciate your list on engaging activities and resources. Knowing that you welcome sharing of other inspirational and engaging educational activities, I offer "Sharing is Caring" at: http://life-long-learners.com/sharing-is-caring-a-story/ My post, together with my YouTube video, helps explain how students can become engaged in this worthwhile activity.

    This innovative idea was fostered by Laura Stockman who decided to donate to charity 25 cents of her allowance for each day in December leading up to Christmas. Her inspiring generosity snowballed as other students and educators took ownership of her idea and made it their own.

    As the Christmas season fast approaches, perhaps some of your readers will be able to take up Laura's challenge with their students.

    Thanks for caring and sharing.

    Take care & keep smiling :-) Brian